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Pilates with Melissa


Melissa is delightful: highly professional, very skilled, efficient, helpful and encouraging. A terrific coach! Highly recommended. Paul W.

Pilates with Melissa2019-07-14T18:35:34+00:00

Hood River Pilates student heals back pain and improves alignment


"I've been taking Pilates for quite a while with Melissa, and my back has greatly improved. Melissa is an excellent teacher who very much knows what she's doing. She watches you with an eagle eye and immediately spots you if you're using the wrong muscles to do an exercise. She makes the work fun and [...]

Hood River Pilates student heals back pain and improves alignment2019-07-14T16:30:38+00:00

Pilates eliminates chronic back pain


"I thought I would always have debilitating chronic back pain until Pilates came into my life. Now, not only can I walk up and down stairs without back pain, I breath easier, sleep better and am able to more fully enjoy all the sports I love (mountain biking, wind surfing, kiting, skiing, rock climbing.)" Roland, [...]

Pilates eliminates chronic back pain2015-06-08T02:44:47+00:00

Pilates for range of motion and posture


“Pilates instruction by Melissa changed my life. I gained range of motion in parts of my body I didn't even realize weren't moving correctly, thus contributing to chronic injuries. Melissa helped me restore balance, length and strength and it's changed the way I hold myself upright! My posture is different. I've learned to use my [...]

Pilates for range of motion and posture2014-05-03T16:11:50+00:00

Pilates for post surgery rehabilitation


"Pilates has been a life-saver for me. After having my hip replaced at age 45, Pilates has been my major source of rehab. It has increased my strength, balance and mobility. As a dental hygienist, my back has suffered over the years. Pilates has not only improved my core strength, but also my posture and [...]

Pilates for post surgery rehabilitation2014-05-03T16:10:40+00:00