Melissa Vovou

Melissa Vovou

I’m a long term devotee of Pilates. Born and raised in Hood River, Oregon, my career as a professional dancer took me to the Bay Area, New York, Las Vegas, Russia and the Caribbean. During those years I discovered the healing and strengthening benefits of Pilates. I obtained my teaching certification through Power Pilates in New York. During the next several years I taught classical Pilates in New York, Las Vegas, and now in Hood River.

In my teaching, I draw from my background as a massage therapist, Reiki master, and dancer. My love of movement, fascination with body mechanics and the flow of energy, and keen eye for alignment (yes, and misalignment) inspire my practice. Working with you, whether you are an athlete, dancer, weekend warrior, couch potato, rehabbing after injury, or anywhere in between, gives me great pleasure. I also work with women pre/postnatal to increase pelvic floor strength and resilience, and support the body through the many changes of pregnancy as well as getting back to a strong, balanced body post baby.  I love to inspire and see your excitement as you become less stressed, leaner, taller, stronger, more flexible and more confident while you develop more ease in movement.

Melissa is a fully certified Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master, Kaatsu Training Specialist, and certified massage therapist.

Come to a group mat class or Contact Melissa to schedule private & group equipment classes.

“Spotlight” article in The Hood River News, June 2015