Pilates for Men

The Pilates system and equipment was designed by a man for men and it’s been a training vehicle for elite athletes for over 50 years. Men’s fitness workouts often emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscular development, as in weightlifting. The Pilates method, in contrast, integrates outer muscle strength with core strength, correct posture and efficient movement patterns to obtain uniform development of the whole body.


Pilates for Women

Women have been instrumental in making Pilates a “household word.” It became popular in the twenties with professional dancers because of its muscle balancing effects and its proven success in rehabilitating injuries. Pilates is also a great friend of the pre and postnatal woman and is known for preparing bodies for childbirth and helping women recover not just their figures but better physical function after giving birth.


Pilates for Youth

It’s never too early to make movement more natural and easier. Why have to unlearn “bad habits” later when Pilates can train efficient body patterns sooner. Remember, Pilates’ mindful movement also makes you smarter!


Pilates for Seniors

Pilates helps with balance, flexibility and coordination as it promotes overall fitness. It is easy to adjust the effort level required for the exercises to the individual. Pilates, as moderate resistance training, is also very compatible with bone health programs.


Pilates for all Bodies

Big, small, tall, short, underweight, optimum weight or overweight. . . you can do Pilates. One of the great things about Pilates is that it is built around efficient, well aligned human movement. Not certain humans, all humans. The focus is on core strength, flexibility and balance, but the exercises are adapted appropriately for each body using them. This is one of the special strengths of Joseph Pilates’ teaching.


Pilates for Rehab

Pilates exercises are increasingly recommended by back pain specialists and incorporated into physical therapy programs of all kinds. People with pain or physical limitations often find that taking Pilates from a qualified instructor makes a positive difference in their comfort, overall fitness and speed of recovery.


Pilates for Cross-training Athletes

As Pilates becomes more popular, its relevance as a form of fitness training which develops balanced musculature, flexibility and overall functional fitness is making it a top choice as compatible exercise for athletes in training. Everyone from cyclists to Super Bowl football players and Olympic ice skaters is doing Pilates.


Pilates for Equestrians

Pilates for horseback riding affects the horse as well as the rider. Equestrians find Pilates helps them meet the particular physical demands of riding like inner thigh strength, finding a good seat, and torso stability. It also helps them improve communication with their horses through fine muscle control, creating a riding experience that is more comfortable, ergonomic, and graceful for the rider and the horse.


 YOU Can Do Pilates

If enhanced strength, balance, tone, flexibility and endurance is what you are looking for in a fitness program, get your body to a Pilates “class.” It’s a lifestyle choice you can make today!